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03-08 NISSAN 350Z
Item #: 73000 
UPC #: 082642730002
Weight: 15.1000 lb
Country of Origin: China
Pair (2)
Quantity Price
1 1046.14
This pair of patent pending adjustable front upper control arms will give ±4° camber and ±4° caster change. SPC arms match the OE design for clearance so you can get up to +2° camber change without fender well interference. If more positive change is needed use the included +2° camber shims for fixed change and dial in the rest with your arms. The rubber isolated xAxis sealed flex joints retain OE bushing values (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness - NVH), while providing the handling qualities of a mono-ball. Optimized geometry and high strength forged steel components make this the strongest adjustable arm on the market today. Whether you want a cambered stance, improved handling, or to minimize tire wear, this is the best arm for you.

US Patent # US 2016/0059652 A1

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