Item #: COMBO CLASS 4 
Country of Origin: USA
Each Single
Quantity Price
1 500.00
By registering for a class - Registrant acknowledges the following: ("I"), a trainee, am voluntarily registering for training course(s) offered at or by Niwot Corporation d/b/a Specialty Products Company ("Company"). I am not, at any time, considered an employee of the Company and, therefore, am not a covered entity under Specialty Products Company's Workers Compensation policy. I hereby indemnify and agree to hold the Company harmless from and against, any and all claims, expenses, actions or litigation, including the cost of defense of same arising directly or indirectly on account of training cancellation, training content, or any injury on company location or in transportation to or from. I hereby consent to medical treatment at the nearest location in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the training and understand that I am responsible and liable for payment of any medical claims, expenses, or losses that may occur as a result.

All trainers at Specialty Products Company are fully vaccinated before teaching classes.

As a student I will either:
    * Show evidence of being "fully vaccinated" which means showing my completed completed Vaccination Card with final dose having been completed 14 days prior to training upon my arrival to training.
    * If I am not fully fully vaccinated, then I understand that I will need to bring and wear a personal mask/face covering at all times, will complete a wellness/temperature check prior to entry each training session, and will follow social distancing and other COVID-19 practices while in a Specialty Products Company location.

I understand and agree that I will need to reschedule training with Specialty Products Company if within 72 hours of scheduled training I am running a fever, taking fever reducing medication, or am otherwise ill with 1 or more symptoms of COVID-19 as published by the CDC.

I understand and agree that I will need to reschedule training at Specialty Products Company if I have been exposed, or potentially exposed, to COVID-19 within 14 days of the start of my scheduled training.

I understand that Specialty Products Company has COVID-19 practices and I agree to review and follow the company protocol while attending training, and while in any Specialty Products Company building. The safety of our trainers and employees is our top priority. Students who fail to follow designated COVID-19 and safety protocol may be excused from training prior to completion of the class and without a refund.